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[Verse 1 - Jesse Rutherford:]
You are the only one, the only one, the only one for me
You are the only one, the only one, the only one
I am the chosen one, the chosen one, the chosen one for you
I am the chosen one, I froze your lungs, your breath tells me the truth
I know that you know, I know that you know, and he knew it too
When I walked in the room, what I could have done
I should've left, yeah I should've went, but I couldn't go
He is your plan, but I am your lie

[Chorus x2:]
I am a slave to these, make believe, things you say to me
And I've built this hate machine of broken dreams and the wall did crumble

[Verse 2 - Danny Brown:]
Can't think, can't sleep, can't eat, can't speak
Game so strong, thought I had a cheat sheet
But you got my heart beat like run around sheep
Lil' Bo Peep can't kill my team
Still run around beats so I slap them sheets
Late night freak, queen black, who he?
Cause when we together it's like he don't exist, cause it's all about you, not all about me
So baby girl who you chosin'?
Foolish how you got my mind in ruins
Can�t think straight and I�m in mistake
Looking in your eyes and lying in your face
Rather lay in bed with your head on my chest
Strokin' yo hair when I�m holdin' deep breath
Feel so right I ain�t got nothin' left
Heart skipping beats like a bad DJ set
Head so gone and I can�t think straight
Close my eyes all I see is your face
Hear your voice bring chills to my spine
Lose my mind until you�re mine
Bitch I�m the chosen one, I�m the chosen one
All I can focus on smoke and wine
Know I ain�t sober, text you to come over
Can�t make it to that bed room, mommy on the sofa

[Danny Brown x2:]
Danny Brown and that Neighbourhood
When she leave you she staying for good
Doing all the things that she wished she could
Doing all the things she thought she would

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