Friday, October 21, 2016


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Aw man, the whip black and white
My bitch black and white
My fear black and white

[Verse 1:]
I'm never the same, I change every week
I won't stay in the middle, I'll kill everything
Yeah I'm stuck in between, if I'm wrong or I'm right
I would ask for advice, but I just do what I like
Can't get over the fact, people living a lie
Just to stay entertained, what a waste of a life
What a waste of a space, what the fuck is your point
You're a waist with no spine, you're a waste of my time
I smoke cause I'm stressed, I try to get high
But it gets me depressed, I'm just tryna get by
I'm just drivin' at night, I got no music on
I got no favorite song, it's just me and my thoughts
I've fallen in love, I've fallen behind
I've fallen for her, more than once, only twice
I fell in the pool, got chlorine in my eyes
And it burned for a minute, but I didn't go blind

This is for my friend who stay
The old cafes and they kick it in the parking lot
well I mean what I speak, what I feel with a broken heart
(they call me one take jack baby woo)
(with that, i cant, i got that big fat snake baby woo)
I be getting money all day, so I can spend it all on us
I be getting money all night, so I can spend it all on us

[Verse 2:]
You can't get me to spit, but I'm so hard to swallow
My daddy is dead, I've got no man to follow
And I know that I'm shallow, but why shouldn't I be?
I don't mean to get deep, it's just 1 of those weaks
Couldn't tell you the day, couldn't tell you the time
Trouble falling asleep, for the past couple nights
Trouble being alone, I've been losing my mind
But I don't want any trouble, it just chooses to find me


Said I've been thinkin' bout you
And what we gon' do
But I've been thinkin' bout fallin' in love
I've been thinkin' bout you

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